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Distracted driving a serious problem

It’s far too common in the Bayou State. Drivers aren’t paying attention to the road and wind up causing an accident. It is a problem we all have to be much more vigilant about and make sure we are not part of the problem.

If you have been in an accident recently, there’s a good chance that distracted driving played a role. That can be a big help settling your case under Louisiana law. It is illegal to text and drive in all circumstances, but all forms of distracted driving can play a role in determining fault when there is an accident.

Worst in the nation

According to a study released last April, Louisiana is the worst state in the country for distracted driving. Fully 45 percent of all trips on our roads include some kind of cell phone use. It’s not illegal to use a hands-free phone on the road, except in a school zone, but distracted driving is much more than that.

Texting and social media use is the most distracting thing to do while driving, and it’s far too common. But there are many things that can take your attention away. Eating, grooming, and talking to a passenger can all be distracting when you should be driving. It’s up to all of us to do something about this dubious ranking and focus on driving.

Accidents result

Statistics have not been published for Louisiana, but anecdotal evidence shows that distracted driving plays at least some role in a lot of the accidents on our roads.

It is a potential contributing factor for assigning fault. This is important if you have had an accident recently and been injured. Louisiana law puts the emphasis on fault in any accident, meaning that the driver who is to blame has to pay all of the costs. Distraction can be a big part of assigning fault when there has been an accident.

Experience counts

If you have been in an accident recently, it’s important that you have an experienced personal injury attorney representing you. Insurance companies have their own lawyers, and they will ask a lot of leading questions to get you to admit blame. Distracted driving is increasingly one of the areas they ask about.

Don’t let them make your life difficult or admit something was your fault when it was not. And stay alert when on the road, keeping your focus on getting where you are going safely.

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